American Internet: requirements, price and speed

3G Internet is the most stable in the USA. Stationary points most often do not withstand the declared speeds — according to the reviews of our citizens living in the United States, there are regular disconnections, and the video slows down significantly when viewing.

Competitive monopoly manifests itself both at the city and state levels. In each house, as a rule, one provider. In some states, like Florida, there is one provider for all cities. The Internet market in the USA is divided between four giants, and the rest of the players simply rent their capacities.

Over the past two years, after small municipal providers won a protracted legal battle against the «big four» operators, the situation has gradually changed, but again, not everywhere. Here, first of all, the peculiarities of US legislation affect, which put the state constitution, and not the Federal constitution, at the forefront — with this approach, it is not necessary to expect a standardized quality of Internet services in all States.

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