Birthday salad recipes

On the pages of culinary books and magazines today you can see the most diverse recipes for birthdays. When choosing a menu for the festive table, you should remember that the dishes should have not only excellent taste, but also look beautiful. We bring to your attention a few simple, but spectacular salads.

Kaleidoscope salad. Cut with small cubes of 500 g of young pink beef, 200 g of solid grades and vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and pepper). Mix chopped components and season with low -fat mayonnaise.

Salad «Ideal». Clean the shells and cut 5 chicken eggs with cubes. Boil 500 g of delicate chicken meat. Finely chop 1 kg of champignons, a glass of walnuts and 3 onion heads. The finished salad must be seasoned with mayonnaise and garnet with grenade grains. This salad can be prepared not only for the birthday, but also for any other holiday, as well as when you think about what to cook your loved one.

Salad «fungus». This is a simplified and somewhat modified recipe for the famous salad «herring under a fur coat». Clean 1 little herring, cut it with small cubes, then put it on a plate in the form of a mushroom. On top, lay out a finely chopped onion head, a grated boiled vegetables: carrots, beets and potatoes. Lubricate each layer of salad with mayonnaise.

Each of the salads can be decorated with more on onions, greens, “petals” of boiled eggs and t. D. All recipes for birthday salads are original in their own way. They will be an excellent decoration for your festive table.

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