How to pay for goods in Alabama

I don’t know what a five dollar bill looks like. Like the fifty dollar one. I don’t know at all what denominations the bills have, because for six months I didn’t hold cash in my hands, except for dollar banknotes.

On Fridays, kids at school can buy ice cream, so I give them a dollar each. That’s all my out-of-pocket spending since last August.

Everything else: purchases, gasoline at gas stations, utilities, fitness, medicines, children’s sports — is paid by card or on the Internet. Even tips in restaurants are deducted from the card. The waiter brings the bill, in which three tips are counted: 10, 15 and 20%.

All purchases and services are accepted to be paid by card. No one uses cash
You choose the appropriate option or write your own. You can leave any amount or not leave at all. This money will be debited from the card.

Another convenient payment option is checks. The school often offers to buy a uniform with school symbols, books, excursions. So that the child does not lose money and does not forget what exactly he brought the payment for, we use checks, this is very convenient. The amount, recipient and purpose of payment are written on the check, and the school cashes the checks.

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