How to save money in America: life hacks

In order to save money, you can furnish your home with used furniture for free or for ridiculous money.

Craigslist, Offer Up, garage sales and social media groups will help you with this. In fact, there you can find the same products as in stores like Ikea.

You can also view garage sale ads on Craiglist by simply typing garage sale and the name of the locality of interest into the search box. As you could see in the movies, Americans arrange sales right on the lawns in front of houses, and you can buy furniture, dishes, electronics and household appliances on them. On Facebook, you can also find the marketplace section, where you need to enter your region and the range that is convenient for you. In such places, you can safely bargain.

Groupon and Goldstar services also help to save money well. There you participate in promotions for dinners in restaurants, shopping in stores and classes in fitness centers, and also have a chance to get discounts on cool events and parties.

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