Photographing flats: basic rules and useful tips

The need to photograph a variety of objects and elements arises everywhere. And if you need to prepare several photos of clothes with flat soles, you should take into account several significant facts. So, you need to pay attention to ghost clothing and several additional aspects.

TOP best options

To make a choice in favor of an attractive option, it is worth studying them in more detail.

On the model

This type of filming is the most popular. This is due to the fact that with the right choice of model, it will be possible to make the most high-quality demonstration of clothing.

There are several advantages of this option.

  1. Through proper preparation and quality work, you can achieve the ideal effect.
  2. A properly prepared composition makes it easy to demonstrate the functionality of the clothing to all fans, as well as potential clients. In order to do everything correctly, you can use several techniques. For example, hands in pockets are often used for this purpose. Another rather interesting technique is the face hidden behind the collar.


If you are preparing for filming that will take place in the interior, you can use this option.

  1. This type of flat lay photography makes it possible to shoot not only quickly, but also with the highest quality possible.
  2. To achieve a high-quality result, it is very important to choose the mannequin correctly and competently.

Using an invisible mannequin

This variety began to be used not so long ago. The essence of this option is that filming takes place on appropriate suitable elements. But in the future, Photoshop will be used.

Thanks to the fact that the composition includes a mannequin, you can achieve really good results. At the same time, this approach makes the frame more “expensive”, attractive, well-made, as well as informative and interesting.

In order to implement everything, you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort on this process.

To make a choice in favor of an attractive option, you should act responsibly. In some cases, it is more profitable to involve professionals in this process who have the relevant experience, as well as the required information data. This will allow you to get more benefits.

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