Professional real estate assessment.

Correct assessment of real estate.

You decided to sell, buy or just insure your house or apartment. The first thing you need in this case is to determine the value of your property, or in other words, make a real estate assessment.

Often people think that they themselves can estimate how much a house or apartment can cost, and this is their right. However, with such a superficial assessment, errors are possible and when selling real estate, you will lose money if you underestimate it, and vice versa, having encouraged the price, you are unlikely to be able to sell your property. To avoid such situations, use the services of an independent appraiser, for example, such as, an assessment company of the Moscow Registration. the Russian Federation, which, when determining the value of real estate, will be able to take into account various factors:

— The location of real estate

— Real estate remoteness from transport

— Real estate remoteness from the center

— The number of storeys of the house

— The number of rooms in the apartment

— The area of ​​the apartment or at home: residential, general

— the presence of loggia or balcony

— Wall and ceilings

— The quality of the interior decoration

— the location of the windows and the view of them, and much more.

For example, it is required to determine the cost of the apartment on the ground floor. The opinion of many will be unequivocal that the cheapest apartments are on the first and last floors. But if you imagine that the windows are evaluated by the apartment, and the house in which it is located is located in the city center. In this case, the apartment will be perfect for placing an office of a small company in it. And since the price of commercial real estate is much higher than for a living, your apartment may be one of the most expensive in this house. Therefore, in the assessment today, the transition of the apartment from one type of real estate to another may be laid down.

This is just a simple example, and all the nuances when determining the cost of the apartment can only take into account a highly qualified specialist. In addition, an official conclusion is almost always required to make a particular transaction with property about its value in writing. Only a licensed expert on real estate evaluating can prepare and draw up such documents.

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