Short manicure — fashionable and stylish

Short manicure is one of the main trends of this year. Modern fashionistas have long begun to abandon long nails and screaming shades, but this year they surpassed themselves, choosing their choice on the ultra -short nails.

In 2012, designers propose to choose varnishes for nails of pink, pale-predator, gold and pastel shade, which emphasizes the grace and beauty of a short manicure. Lovers of bright colors should also not be upset, because for them cosmetic companies have produced yellow, turquoise and orange varnishes. The contrasting manicure in carbon-black and dark gray tones remains still relevant.

Manicure 2012 — these are not only new forms and shades, but also a tribute to the classics. French manicure will not go out of fashion this season, which business ladies like so much. But for going to the disco, you can make a «rainbow» manicure using beige, brown, dark yellow and red shades.

So that short nails remain beautiful and strong, you need to care. Choose files with sand or sapphire spraying, perform a manicure only on dry nails. In 2012, square forms returned to fashion. Remember that it is suitable only for those who have long, thin fingers. In other cases, it is better to choose an oval shape. If you want to lengthen your nails a little, use a pattern with vertical stripes.

A manicure on short nails can be performed using the tassels for nail art. Just do not forget that the drawing in this case should be neat and discreet.

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