Speaking staircase: installation features

Screw stairs are quite popular among owners of cottages and country houses. And there is nothing surprising here. This design combines strength and attractiveness, adds a note of sophistication and originality to the room. In addition, it has the following advantages:

Does not take up much space. It is around the support and «hangs» in the air. This is a great solution for houses that do not differ in a huge area. As practice shows, only 1.5 square meters are enough to arrange such a design.

Available cost.

Simplicity of manufacture. Almost any person is able to cope with this task.

Installation of a screw staircase

If you plan to mount the screw staircase in the house on your own, then remember that the assembly of the entire structure is carried out in the following sequence: installation of load -bearing racks, placement in a given sequence of bushings and offering, installing steps, mounting brackets, installation of the railing and handrails.

In order for the stairs to be universal or screw to serve you for many years, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

Moving the stairs often occurs in the center of the steps, respectively, their width should be at least 25 centimeters.

When calculating the design data, do not forget that the height for the passage of people should guarantee the possibility of moving along the next round (about two meters).

The length of the steps will depend on the purpose of the entire structure. If you are sure that you will rarely use it, then you can stop at a length — 0.6 meters. If you plan to walk up the stairs daily, then the length of the step should be at least one meter.

The length of the steps should correspond to the size of the opening. To calculate their total amount, divide the height of the structure by 16-22 centimeters (distance between steps).

To create a central support, it is recommended to use a metal thick -walled pipe (diameter — at least 5 centimeters). This guarantees a screw ladder required reliability and strength. Support should be mounted strictly vertically.

To provide an additional strength to provide the stairs, it is recommended to mount the steps with insignificant on a whip on the previous.

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