Start of construction: how to choose a land plot?

If you dream of building a country house, first you need to purchase a land plot. By what exactly the criteria should choose it? Let’s look at together.

First of all, you should decide on the required area of ​​the land. And for this, calculate the area of ​​your future home, the approximate proportion should be — one to ten. For example, for a country house, the area of ​​which is 100 kV. m requires a plot of about 10 acres of land. Naturally, you should not achieve the perfect correspondence of proportions, but it is still desirable that it would not be violated fatally. Otherwise, besides the fact that you yourself will be neither comfortable, and if necessary, it will not be easy to sell such a house at all. Before buying the site, top -shooting should be carried out.

Having decided on the size of the site and proceeding to consider options, you should pay close attention to such important points as: the availability of communications, physical characteristics of soils, as well as the environmental situation. In addition, evaluate the picturesquency of the site and its environs. Take a closer look if the closest houses from the sun from the sun are branched trees, are there any restrictions on your site for the height of building a house. Check the availability and location of the nearest: hospitals, mail, shops, schools, kindergartens, etc. D. Find out if the services of centralized garbage collection, mail delivery, etc. are provided in this area. D. Is it possible to telephone at home, are operating companies affordable. It is also important to clarify the municipal maintenance of roads and the ability to insure your construction and completed buildings.

If everything suits you, congratulations! You can safely start designing the necessary legal securities, but here this important aspect is better to entrust professionals.

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