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6. MDF canvas.

Despite, relatively, the high cost is a very popular type of external door decoration. MDF doors finishing is perhaps its most universal type. Successfully combines all possible useful properties and a very beautiful appearance. That, in turn, follows from the properties of the MDF of the canvas itself.

This coating is very durable, not supposedly exposed to high temperature, mechanical influences. Due to high thickness, it has good thermal insulation. This coating is easily served with milling. This makes it possible to apply a volumetric pattern to the surface.

There are 2 types of coating MDF of the canvas: painting and lamination.

Lamination consists in applying polymer PVC film, which will successfully simulate almost any texture. Basically, it is an imitation of various wood species.

For painting MDF canvases, you can use any of the methods of painting described above. Doors with painted MDF panels can be safely installed on the street.

Thus, MDF finishing with a canvas, in any case, will be an unmistakable choice and will suit, almost any room.

7. Natural Filenka.

Doors with natural files belong to the doors of the highest price category. Such doors will not leave indifferent, and make a positive impression on any of your guest or visitor. Natural Filenka is a solid panel of a wood array.

Such a coating is very durable and stable. And, probably, it makes no sense to describe the appearance of doors with a coating of a natural Philina. Such doors look just great!

Manufacturing technology is quite complicated, requires special equipment and highly qualified specialists. Before finishing, the design of the door and the phylenal overlays are carefully cooked. Filenka is attached with special self -tapping screws through the door leaf so that the front side remains intact, and the screws are not visible.

If you are accustomed to surround yourself with luxurious things, doors with a decoration of a natural phylenka, your personality, your status and position in society are in the best way to emphasize ..

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