Choosing a floor for our apartment

If you planned the overhaul of your apartment or even a separate room, then one of the stages of this action will certainly be the choice of flooring. To date, there are some of the most popular options. So, the first of them is linoleum. Perhaps now it is found in most houses. However, this is more likely remnants of the past, since linoleum was extremely popular in Soviet times and has remained with many since then. It can be noted that this type of flooring is quite durable and practical, however, without additional insulation in winter, it will be quite cold on it. The way out of the situation can be a bed car with a high pile. And then your child will be able to pass his games Naruto right on the floor, as he wanted.

Carpet: advantages and disadvantages

If you do not want to spend money on linoleum and carpet, then there is a cheaper alternative — carpet. He can tend to any surface (at least naked concrete) and preserves heat enough well. The laying of this coating itself is quite simple and absolutely does not require any skills. It is enough to make the right measurements, apply glue and evenly, straightening the carpet from the center to the corners, lay it down. However, it is worth noting that this coating also has its disadvantages. First of all, he collects all dust. Of course, in our time there are vacuum cleaners and other equipment, but how to be with places where large and heavy furniture stands? In these corners, the accumulation of dirt and dust will be catastrophic. So before you decide on such a choice, it is better to read the special literature on caring for it. And when you get tired, try to read the luntik about the games — this is entertaining.

More options

In addition to carpet and linoleum, there are also other types of sex. These include parquet. It is quite expensive, but very durable. The secret of his strength is that it is made of natural wood, which, as you know, can serve as for decades. It is also sometimes possible to find the floor laid out with tiles, but most often this is done in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In living rooms, the tiles will be extremely impractical. Recently, laminate has gained great popularity, which has a stylish look and has high strength. However, its minus, like parquet, at a fairly high price.

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