DIY paper crafts

Paper crafts are quite diverse. The availability and properties of the material allow you to create original models, figures, applications and postcards. Such crafts will be affordable even to children. They perfectly develop fine motor skills, as well as creative and logical thinking. You can start with simple «crackers», airplanes and applications, and then proceed to the manufacture of beautiful volumetric models. To work with paper, some additional tools and materials will be needed: scissors, glue, diagrams and templates for volumetric models, printer for printing.

Origami. Children will be happy to make funny birds, fish and little animals from paper. In addition to the fact that it is very exciting, it is also very useful. The first paper crafts with their own hands can make children with you, and then, having mastered the basics of origami, they can make them themselves.

Paper models. On the Internet today you can find many schemes and templates to create volumetric models. Their creation requires special patience and painstaking, so it is better to do them with children of primary school age. To create such models you need a color printer.

Paper cards. Paper is a great material for creating beautiful and original postcards. As additional material, you can also use colored cardboard and special scraping paper. You can draw up and sign a postcard using colored felt -tip pens, colors, sparkles, brads, etc. D.

In addition, with your own hands, paper crafts can be created using papier-mash technique. The essence of this technique is to past the volume objects with small pieces of paper.

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