Features of replacing the heating element in the washing machine

The main task of the heater (heating element) in the washing machine is the heating of the water to the required temperature. In devices from various manufacturers, it can be in different places.

If the washing machine stops heating water, then you should make sure the performance of the heater. Its breakdown is considered one of the most common problems with this household appliances. Often, this is due to the fact that the detail constantly interacts with hard water, which leads to the formation of scale.

How to replace the heating?

First of all, you should clarify whether the electrical energy is disabled in the washing machine. It is easy to do this. You just need to stretch out a fork out of the outlet.

In the future, you need to remove the lid. In most cases, the heating element is located behind. The back cover is fixed with 4 bolts. Thus, to remove it, it is worth preparing a screwdriver in advance.

If you have a different breakdown, see more information on the link.

Having dealt with this task, you can get a heating element. However, you must first remove the wires. In order not to forget in the future, which wires and where are attached, it is recommended to photograph their location on the camera or mobile phone in advance. Then you can start cleaning the terminals from the visible part of the heating.

Then you need to do the following:

Unscrew the fixing nut located in the middle of this heating element. Pay attention to the fact that there is no need to remove it completely. It is enough to only twist it to the maximum. However, take into account that it should be held at the end of the thread. Together with a protruding hairpin, it must be pressed inside. If you can’t do this with your hands, then you can hit it several times with a hammer.

Remove the heating element from the washing machine. This can be done by means of an ordinary knife or slotted screwdriver.

When you take out an old broken heater, you can clean it to the side and start installing a new part. The design is assembled similarly, in the reverse order.

The new heating element should be the same model as the previous. Control that he enters smoothly, without any significant distortions. If the guides are present in the hole, then the heating element is obliged to get on them.

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