Features of the use of marble window sills in the interior

Marble is a natural material that is actively used in construction finishing work. This is due to its attractive appearance, as well as excellent technical characteristics, you can see them here. Monting the window sills made from this material, there is no doubt that they will last for many years. However, you need to approach this work as responsibly as possible.

Preparation for installation

Preparation with measurements begins. First of all, you should prepare the area where the design is planned. It is necessary to take into account the opening from the bottom of the window to the standing profile. He must be a little thicker than a window sill (about twenty to thirty millimeters).

Do not also forget about the cleaning of the walls of dirt, garbage and dust. Part of the window sill adjacent to the window is carefully coated with silicone sealant. It is desirable that it be present in special fungicidal additives. This provides an opportunity to avoid the occurrence of fungus, mold, as well as harmful microorganisms. If you do not want the product to be damaged during the installation process, it must be wrapped. For these purposes, it is used:

Foam polyethylene.

Corrugated cardboard.

Installation of a window sill

Installation of the structure is carried out on the sand cement site. It is important that it has a good waterproofing layer. Thanks to this, the window sill will last as long as possible, preserving the initial technical characteristics.

The installation process is carried out through the construction level. It is important to start the structure directly under the window, and not slightly rest it.

The mount is carried out using mounting foam, which effectively connects the slope with the part, and also fills out numerous voids. It is worth noting that it acts as a reliable thermal insulator.

It is not recommended to use the adhesive composition. This is due to the fact that it is significantly inferior to foam in isolation criteria. Thus, for residential premises, such a decision is considered unsuitable.

Since marble windowsill is expensive, you need to try to install it slowly and accurately. You can’t rush in this matter. Когда конструкция станет на собственное место, то с нее можно убирать защитную пленку.

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