Finland can’t vote to join NATO

The vote in the Finnish Parliament on joining NATO was postponed from February 28 to March 1.

The vote in the Finnish Parliament for the adoption of a law on the country’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance was postponed to March 1. The corresponding entry was posted on Twitter.

It is alleged that members of the Cabinet considered the government’s proposal to join NATO on February 28, but «during the debate it was proposed to reject» the bill. According to the updated information, the voting will take place at 14:00 local time.

On the eve it became known that members of the Finnish Parliament Ano Turtiainen, Johannes Jurttiaho and Markus Mustajärvi spoke out against the ratification of the application for the country’s entry into NATO together with Sweden. It is noted that Mustajärvi made a whole series of protests — he also spoke out against the deployment of nuclear weapons (nuclear weapons) and permanent bases of the alliance, as well as the use of Finnish territory for hostile purposes.

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