How to program your subconscious

Human subconscious is a source of boundless wisdom and enormous power. In contrast to him, consciousness is very limited in its capabilities. It constantly wanders meaningless between thoughts. The subconscious at this time is engaged in the processing of thousands and even millions of information flows. It is the subconscious that lies responsibility for the unconscious functions of the body.

At the subconscious level, information is stored about human skills, about all his days lived. They are imprinted in the subconscious and ideas of a person about himself, as well as about the world around. It is safe to say that the life of a person as a whole depends on the subconscious. And if you find the skill of programming your subconscious, then you can achieve absolutely everything that a person can wish. For programming the subconscious, you need to follow below the above plan. Firstly, such a process will need an achievable and maximum clear goal. After all, a person is not able to achieve something at all, if a specific goal is not visible in front of him. It doesn’t matter what exactly you are going to program your own subconscious.

In any case, you need to clearly clearly imagine what exactly you want to achieve. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind can be programmed to the method of reaction in various situations, to a certain result, to the habit or behavior. The second point on the way to programming the subconscious will be one in which you must certainly see your goal in real time. In other words, you must represent the chosen goal in the way that its achievement has already happened. This process is somewhat similar to dreams. But the difference is still available. In dreams, a person usually rushes behind his own thoughts. And they may not take you far from the original idea for you. Visualization, on the contrary, allows you to focus solely on the result. The third condition for the possibility of programming the subconscious will be associated with sensory parameters of human sensitivity. That is, during visualization, it is necessary to include all available sensory modities. The latter are nothing more than human feelings: sensations, hearing, vision, taste and smell. Presenting your goal, you need to use the maximum possible number of different sensations. This is necessary to allow the subconscious to penetrate the «spirit» of the goal you have chosen.

If your subconscious is through a set of feelings to know what is the right goal, then it itself will act on all the necessary resources. You will definitely be surprised that you have an irresistible energy and motivation, which you had not had to remember before. Psychologists believe that the human mind is not able to draw differences between an imaginary picture and real experience. And this fact allows a person to «deceive» the subconscious, as well as force him to function in the necessary channel on the way to the chosen goal. Another rule applies to the fact that the process of programming the subconscious should be carried out in the first person. But it is permissible to do this from a third person. When programming from the first person, circumstances or goal should be visualized as if you are actually already in that situation. This task is not as simple as it seems to many at first. After all, it is required to hear, see and with all the fullness to feel what will be inherent in a specific situation. This can be carried out with maximum effectiveness only with complete relaxation of the body. Practice to do this before bedtime. Indeed, at the time of direct falling asleep, our brain enters the so -called borderline state. In the method of programming from a third person, you need to learn how to look at your own body from the side or as if it are not you look at yourself, and the other person.

You can also imagine that you are reflected on the TV screen. There is such a condition for the programming of the subconscious to be real, which is associated with the need to be in a state associated with high suggestibility. For the human mind, criticality is characteristic. And often the mind is very distrustful of the new incoming information. In particular, the mind criticizes the information that affects the internal beliefs of a person. Thus, for a person to suggest conflicting information or the one that is not scientifically proven, you need to get out of the usual state of consciousness. Do not attempt to overcome your consciousness in order to write down the desired set of information in the subconscious. So you will only strengthen the resistance of the mind. Better go into a state where you will have high suggestibility. You probably heard that our brain radiates waves of a certain frequency. The frequencies of these waves can change. Especially the change in frequencies becomes obvious when a person loses the ability to think critically. When programming your subconscious, try to concentrate on solving the problem, and not on the problem itself. If you pay close attention only to the essence of the problem, then this will only feed it with energy.

If you concentrate on a solution or on what you want to achieve through a mental load, then your subconscious mind itself will begin to look for possible ways to solve. The subconscious mind will be easier to succumb to programming if you introduce repetition into your practice and use the intensity parameter. The intensity suggests that the desired result should be visualized as brightly as it were in the actual situation. Adhering to the rules on repetition, you will strengthen your beliefs in the subconscious. The number of repetitions should be as large as possible. Do not expect the result to prove itself instantly. After all, the nature of any changes takes time. If possible, the process of programming the subconscious, try to simplify. Any person is characteristic of a large number of psychological problems. And if you set a goal to get rid of them, then you should not try to carry out a similar task only once. Try to be easier. And in one approach, work on resolving just one difficulty or problem. Subconscious programming is not conceivable without faith and confidence in forces. In the absence of faith, a person will begin to relate to the programming process very frivolous.

The necessary actions will be performed, as they say, after the sleeves. As a result, passes in exercises will necessarily appear, the efforts will be minimal, and numerous doubts will be firmly strengthened in the subconscious. Believe that the subconscious has a huge force, you must. Your direct actions on the path to programming should be fed by confidence. This is the only way actions will be able to acquire proper effectiveness. When programming the subconscious, forget about all doubts. Let what should happen. In pursuit of the result, doubts will only lead to constant failures. After the practice of visualization, the best that you can do for yourself is just to do your usual things. It is not worth the entire stream of thoughts to direct exclusively to the practice of programming. From the observation of many people practicing the programming of the subconscious, the proper result is manifested just when you do not think about programming itself at all. In fact, the programming of the subconscious is a very simple event. We all do this daily and completely not consciously. But the result depends directly on what information «attack» a person subjected himself to.

The most commonly in daily programming is the negative streams of information prevail. But such information only turns you away from the true path. To be naked as positive information, a person who does not engage in targeted programming allows himself to be extremely rare. Meanwhile, programming just teaches to carry out such a process consciously, pursuing specific results and effects in reality. Use the bases and principles described above, and you will definitely succeed in achieving your goals. Your life will be filled with positive changes, and you yourself will feel that you can influence events and circumstances taking place in life.

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