Moving in Los Angeles with moving company 5 points

Moving is a responsible matter. Changing city or even state? You will need the help of a good moving company. It’s worth turning to the true moving pros — 5 points, moving company North Hollywood, Glendale, Inglewood, Pasadena and, of course, Los Angeles — 5 points applies everywhere!

Benefits of 5 points

A professional moving company is your gateway to a hassle-free move. “5 points” will not let you down! Vast experience and attention to detail will make your move quick and easy. 5 points handles cargo carefully and calculates logistics well. The specialists are qualified and friendly, and the distance does not matter. Five Points is your ideal experience! Private relocation or office relocation to another location — it doesn’t matter, the company can handle everything.

5 points has an impeccable reputation. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the bright yellow trucks are recognized throughout the United States. The company operates under a license, is accredited, and operates without breaks or weekends. Reliability is ensured by mandatory cargo insurance. However, you can insure things and furniture with a third-party organization; “5 points” will only approve of this.

The company’s prices are clear. Other north hollywood movers often break up the single moving process into many separate services. When you call, they quote one price, but in reality it turns out to be different. This will not happen with Five Points. All “extra” services such as loading and unloading are already included in the price, and there will be no surprises on site. A wide selection of payment methods adds financial comfort.

How to prepare for moving

It is clear that the moving services on make life much easier. But even they need to be used wisely. Things need to be packed in advance — or leave the packaging to the moving company, this is an additional service from 5 points. The optimal box weight is up to 50 pounds. Boxes must be filled tightly. It is worth remembering about bubble wrap, stretch, and foam inserts. It is better to group things: send disassembled items into one box with all the bags with fasteners and accessories, put the kitchen set together. As you pack, you should label the boxes: this will make it clear where each item is located.
You must contact Five Points in advance, 2-4 weeks before the expected moving date.

This way, the company will have time to develop an individual moving plan, think through the logistics, and the moving person will have time to collect and pack things.
If the move has to be cancelled, you must notify us 48 hours before the scheduled date.

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