How to use a compass while traveling and tips

In order to navigate in space, you can use a variety of devices and elements. And quite often compasses are used for these purposes.

You can choose classic models or compass online. It is worth proceeding from what is more preferable.


In order to get accurate readings, it is worth placing the compass on a previously prepared horizontal surface. It is important that there are no metal parts, smartphones or gadgets near the compass. This is because their location can adversely affect performance and results.

If there is nothing nearby, then you can simply place the compass on your hand. This will give you a more accurate result.

Features of determining the cardinal points

In order to achieve the desired effect, several steps must be taken.

  1. Initially, you need to place the compass on a flat surface. Be sure to remove the clips from the arrows. You need to wait a while for the arrows to stop. And the red arrow will show which side is north.
  2. After that, you need to gradually change the position in order to understand where and which side is located.

Features of using the card

In order to independently be able to lay the route, you need to use special maps. This is especially important if a person is in a forest where it is problematic to navigate.

To make it easier to achieve the desired effect, you need to place the compass on a previously prepared map. And in order to use the compass, it is worth positioning the arrow so that it coincides with one of the vertical lines. After that, the compass must be gradually rotated to get to the north mark.

Only after that you can take into account the landmarks that are.

Movement Features

To choose the optimal direction for moving, you should move in azimuth. To do this, initially you need to choose the movement in the appropriate direction. It is very important to choose the right landmarks that may be present.

Since not all people can use classic compasses, special applications can also be preferred. They are easy to use and convenient. Before using it, you should familiarize yourself with the main parameters and with the recommendations of professionals.

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