Screw foundation and its main advantages

The foundation is the key to the reliability and durability of any structure. One of its common varieties is the design on screw stilts. She is quite popular. This is due to its many advantages. Consider them in more detail.


Choosing a pile-screw foundation, the owners can count on the following advantages:

Time saving. The construction of the building is possible one or two days after the arrangement of the foundation. This helps to significantly reduce and minimize temporary expenses. This is explained by the fact that screwed piles can take the calculated load almost immediately. In addition, they do not need time to determine the bearing capacity.

Affordable price. That is why such a foundation is considered acceptable and popular among a large number of developers. Despite the budgets of this option, this does not affect the quality of it.

Minimum requirements for soil and nearby landscape. Such piles provide the opportunity to create durable and durable metal structures, residential buildings, etc. The most important thing is that this can be done on the slopes, grooves and peat lands. In addition, the location of large vegetation with fairly developed roots will not be a problem.

The possibility of future improvement and improvement. Buildings erected on this foundation, in case of need, can be expanded without any problems. For example, this will probably be useful if the owners want to attach a small bath or sauna. In comparison with the tile or tape foundation, spiral modification is elementary to repair.

Piles are an excellent solution in the process of erecting wooden structures. This guarantees excellent underground ventilation. Thus, wood will not dine or rot.

Long period of operation. High -quality piles that have undergone treatment with anti -corrosion compounds are able to last for several decades. The most interesting thing is that they can be used even again. To do this, you just need to unscrew them and mount them in another area. This may probably be useful to those who consider the option with a change in the current place of residence.

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