Clock / Devon Tried 1

Models of well -known brands are regularly received on the shelves of the best time salons of the world, the cost of which is calculated tens of thousands of dollars. In Switzerland and Austria, the prestigious exhibitions of new watch models are held annually, many of which, later receive the status of works of art, and will be sold out a limited series even before release from the conveyor. However, most of them work on the basis of the same mechanism of cogs and gears. Whereas the Devon Tried 1 model presents us with a completely new idea of ​​the chronometer. And it is worth looking at this more carefully, if not more…

The work of the watchmaker Devona (Scott Devon) Devon Tered 1 is equipped with four tiny electric motors created using Microstep technology. Each of the engines sets in motion the finest strap with numbers (0.002 inch), made of fiberglass compounds and nylon. There are four such straps in Devon Tried 1, and each of them indexes seconds, minutes, hours and days, respectively. When all four indicators — the tapes of this chronometer set in motion, a unique performance of graceful cyclic dynamics occurs on the wrist of the happy hand of the watch.

The clock is enough for two weeks of continuous passage, and you can add energy to the batteries without using wires. And this is also one of the exclusive distinctive features of a fantastic chronometer that agent 007 would envy himself.

It is noteworthy that the California aerospace company took part in the creation of these hours, at the suggestion of which, Devon Tried 1 was equipped with electronics and microprocessor used in NASA projects.

The watch case is covered with bulletproof glass. Approximate cost $ 15,000.

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