Services for professional opening and repair of car locks

A slammed car door, with the keys forgotten inside the car — this problem is familiar to many vehicle owners. A broken key in the lock is another problem that requires a quick solution, especially if it happens on the road. In this case, car key replacement in Wolverhampton specialists offer their services.

Main characteristics of the service

Phoenix Car Key provides car lock repair or car key cutting services throughout the West Midlands. You can contact the manager by calling and ordering a specialist to visit a specific address or location of the vehicle.

Among the services it is worth highlighting the following company capabilities:

  1. In case of loss or theft of a key, specialists can make or program a new one, with all the functions and features similar to the old one. A duplicate of the original key is not required.
  2. Making a spare key so you can have a duplicate with you in case of loss.
  3. When closing the doors, when there may be a child or pet in the car, a locksmith will arrive anywhere in the car as a matter of urgency.
  4. If necessary, diagnostics of keys is carried out if there are shortcomings in their operation. Repairs may be made, or recommendations may be made to resolve the problem if it cannot be corrected.

The departure can be made immediately after receiving the application and explaining the situation, where it is necessary to indicate the car model, the nature of the problem, and the location of the vehicle.


The service operates around the clock, so the service is available at any time; the company does not have weekends or holidays. Don’t panic and break the car, especially if children are locked in there. A specialist will arrive quickly and open the door within 15-20 minutes. The same applies to cases of broken key or lock.

The process is carried out using the most gentle and optimal methods based on the specific situation. A company employee will be able to quickly determine the most suitable method and will do everything possible to avoid repairing the lock or car in the future.

The company, having manufactured a new key, provides a one-year warranty on it, which indicates the quality and reliability of the work and the products themselves. You can order and install additional security locks to protect your car from theft. Complete confidentiality of all work and completed orders is ensured.

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