Wedding gloves. Which to choose?

Wedding gloves are an excellent addition to the image of the bride. For the first time, this wedding attribute began to be used back in the 11th century. At this time, leather and silk gloves appeared to the elbow. Since that time, the variety of gloves has increased significantly. However, it is worth remembering that, choosing gloves, you must definitely focus on the style and material of the wedding dress:

— The material of the gloves should coincide with the material from which the dress is sewn;

— For a wedding outfit with a short sleeve, gloves above the elbow are suitable, and with long — short gloves reaching the wrist.

For wedding gloves, moire, gas, chintz, chiffon, lace, light cotton are used. These are fabrics that are great for the summer celebration, but for the winter it is better to choose gloves from fabrics — jacquard, taffeta, velvet, various multilayer materials.

Even in ancient times, gloves were decorated with pearls, precious stones, gold and silver. Modern designers prefer to decorate their products with intricate patterns, metal inserts, instruct small crystals. Wedding accessories — this is important. After all, the bride should be a real queen.

Classics for all times remain lace gloves. Lace is a favorite material of many fashion designers. It can be very different shades: blue, pink, ivory, white. Typically, lace gloves are complemented by scattering brilliant tears.

Having decided on the style of the wedding dress, you can see wedding gloves photo. Well, then immediately try on them, and choose those that will be most harmoniously combined with a wedding outfit.

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