Short wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses are increasingly chosen brides as a festive outfit, despite the fact that a long dress has been a classic outfit for a wedding ceremony for many years. Such a dress looks very original and feminine. This is an ideal option for a summer wedding, because it is not so hot in it. The bride will not have to worry about the fact that she can step on the hem of the dress. And, of course, among its main advantages — the ability to demonstrate slender legs.

At the same time, a short wedding dress has a number of disadvantages. Among them can be highlighted:

— It is rarely represented in wedding salons. To choose such a dress, you need to travel a lot of stores. It is possible that the dress will have to be sewn on an individual order.

— A short wedding dress is suitable only slender, graceful girls. Wedding dresses for full ones are better to choose with a long skirt.

Shoes and accessories for a short wedding dress also need to be selected carefully. For example, it is better to decorate the head with a diadem or a fabric flower. But it is worth abandoning the veil, because with this style of the dress it will begying inappropriately. Shoes should be catchy, because it will be clearly visible. As a wedding hairstyle, various bundles, nodes, braids, elegant tails, etc. D.

Short wedding dresses can be of two types: short wedding dresses with a train and short wedding dresses up to a knee length. Both types of dresses will be able to become a real decoration for a happy bride, give it to the image of femininity and royal splendor.

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