Stories and opinions about aliens in Alabama

Many eyewitness accounts, to put it mildly, are comparable to science fiction. But one of them is still true. This incident occurred in Falkville, Alabama on October 17, 1973.

It is in some ways unique, because it partially matches the description of the alien above: a robot that runs faster than the most talented athletes on Earth.

These strange events began when Falkville Police Chief Jeff Greenhow received a call from an agitated lady who reported seeing a «spaceship» land in a field near downtown.

Greenhow was a professional photographer, so he took a Polaroid with him. It got dark early, but he did not take a weapon. At about 10:00 a.m., the sheriff arrived at the scene.

Looking around, Greenhow found no sign of the ship and continued his search. Suddenly he noticed the silhouette of some creature standing by the road. It was dressed in a suit that looked like foil. Suddenly a stranger began to approach the sheriff.

“There was a feeling that he had no neck. The suit shone like carefully rubbed nickel, but the light seemed somehow especially soft. I don’t believe these clothes were made of aluminum foil,» Greenhow recalled.

The stranger’s movements were mechanical. An antenna was attached to his head.

Greenhow was shocked, but still managed to take four photographs. The sheriff was in the car and turned on the headlights. The stranger was obviously frightened by this and began to flee.

Greenhow immediately gave chase, but because the terrain was uneven, he was unable to reach speeds of more than 35 miles per hour. The alien, meanwhile, raced across the field.
Greenhow did not have time to get out, and the alien had already disappeared into the darkness.

«He ran faster than the fastest man I’ve ever seen,» the sheriff said.

Although Greenhow was delighted that he managed to capture the alien visitor, he soon regretted that he was there at all. The sheriff was ridiculed by all the townspeople of Falkville, his phone received threatening calls.

Greenhow learned what a losing streak was, and it affected his life. First, under strange circumstances, the sheriff’s dwelling burned down. Then his wife left him. And a month after meeting with the alien, Greenhow was removed from his position by the city Council.

There is an opinion that those who crave fame or financial gain tell about meetings with aliens. The sheriff did not achieve either one or the other, which is probably why this story ended so sadly.

Greenhow managed to restore a semblance of normal life, but he will always regret that he once met an alien.

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