White cosmetic pencil

Cosmetic pencils today for so many female representatives are the main cosmetics. Agree, you can do without tonal cream, or without blush, without shadows, but it is almost impossible to imagine the makeup of a modern stylish woman without eyebrow pencils, or without a pencil, which lead neat arrows that emphasize the depth of the eyes or without a pencil, with the help of which a magical magical is created and popular today “Smokey Aiz”.

Is it possible to imagine the completed makeup of the lips without a contour pencil for the lips? And where can you get without a white pencil, which allows you to “open” the gaze of your mistress, give it a shade of innocence and mystery! Unfortunately, professional Kayyals are very expensive today, only professional makeup artists can allow themselves, but the usual white cosmetic pencil can be bought today at almost any cosmetics store, and let it not be all that can be a white kayal, but you can change your own a little appearance for the better, he can without any doubt.

First of all, when choosing a white pencil, pay your attention to how sharply it is sharpened — if you see lumps at the edge of the pencil, then the same lumps will leave the pencil before your eyes, if the pencil will be too hard, it will also apply it It is very problematic for you, it can injure delicate skin around the century, so choose a soft pencil. If he does not hide, but move out of the case — it will be completely perfect. Such a pencil will hide the fatigue of your eyes from the people around you, only a few strokes.

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