VibroPresses — machines that cannot be dispensed with in modern construction

VibroPress is equipment with a rather complicated device, with which the construction materials from concrete are produced by the place. With the help of modern vibropresses, various road elements, wall blocks of all sizes and shapes, decorative finishing elements, facing stones are produced.

On the vibration press, you can form any voluminous part of concrete using the vibration process and using pressure.

The conditions for the production of concrete products on vibration presses are different. So, subject to the use of liquid concrete mixture, special forms for spill are used, while a very stringent solution requires vibration pressing without forms.

The aggregates that are used for the production of concrete solution are materials such as ash, slag, expanded clay, brick fight, cut straw, wood sliver and other coarse -fractional waste production waste.

Modern powerful vibropress condor has small dimensions. This installation is used for the production of building materials of dry mixtures. On «Kondor» you can release borders or wall stones, tiles for sidewalks and a number of other elements.

All condor machines differ among themselves. Their performance depends on the power and configuration of a particular model. It is for this reason that you should determine the goals and objectives of your own production (the required number of blocks and other elements).

One of the models of Condor machines, namely VibroPress Condor-1, which differs in small dimensions, can integrate additional equipment. Such modernization will make the operation of the device much more efficient.

It is known that the ratio of cement and water is determining in the issue of the strength of the concrete solution. Respectively, the smaller the liquids, the stronger the products. The use of Condor brand machines ensures strong and durable products.

At the same time, their production goes to the relatively low consumption of cement and the additives required for it. Thanks to this, the owners of such equipment reduce the cost of products and decently save.

You can choose the appropriate vibro station for the production of concrete products on the site: . The catalog presents a wide range of quality products.

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