Vinyl tiles: what is the secret of its popularity?

Today, vinyl tile is considered one of the most popular finishing materials. And there is nothing surprising here, since it differs in many advantages and you can buy vinyl tiles everywhere. Consider them in more detail.


The main advantage of this building material is that it combines the best qualities of many modern coatings. This is a harmonious combination of the strength of the stone, the flexibility of linoleum, the ease of installation of laminated coatings.

It is noteworthy that the vinyl coatings that are laid out with tiles are able to almost perfectly simulate ceramics, parquet, granite and marble cladding. In addition, you can find a material on sale, due to the installation of which under the feet of the owners of the house will begin to green grass or remind you of the sea vacation pebbles or snow -white sand.

Also, the advantages of vinyl tiles include the following:

Minimum abrasion. This is ensured by the fact that quartz sand or mineral crumbs are used as part of this material.

High level of strength. It is for this reason that many manufacturers indicate the warranty life of this material from ten to thirty years.

Water resistance. Thanks to this, vinyl tiles are actively used to arrange rooms characterized by increased humidity (bathroom, sauna, pool, etc.).

Resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Thus, the material over the years does not lose the original attractive appearance.

Size stability. This ensures independence from temperature changes and humidity level. Due to this, you can mount vinyl tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Resistance to shocks and prolonged physical impact without the formation of chips, cracks and other unpleasant defects.

Available cost. In addition, this material has minor costs for preparation and installation.

Resistance to fire. This is due to the fact that mineral crumbs are present in the material.

In addition, you can discard any doubts regarding the environmental features of use. The absolute security of Vinil was proved by numerous research and confirmed in practice.

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