10 secrets to get married successfully

Society is changing, but the modern woman remains a woman-she still wants to get married.

Once grandmothers repeated to our mothers that if you don’t get married early, then you will stay so old maiden for a lifetime. Young women today with the first to connect their fate are in no hurry, but are looking for a man with whom they would be really happy. Meet this and love — half the age, you need to make it so that he wishes to marry!

How to get married successfully?

Here they are, secrets:

— Do not tell your loved one about serious intentions and do not touch on the topic of the marriage union in conversations;

— Do not be interested immediately after meeting with his relatives and do not rush to represent him to your mom and dad;

— Do not look for the ideal. In every person, along with advantages, there are disadvantages;

— Learn to compromises on concessions, if the situation is not vital;

— Live your own interesting life, do not close only on it. Develop, remember your hobby. And it doesn’t matter what it will be — tourism, embroidery with a cross, horse riding, classical music in the conservatory or begin to study English Online with teachers of the language. The main thing is that he sees an independent person in you;

— Available with him on equal terms, do not take on the role of a little girl or, conversely, mom;

— Watch your appearance, your clothing style should like not only you, but also to him;

— Do not find out the relationship with the nomads with strangers, do not be offended by trifles and do not be capricious, do not gossip about him behind him;

— Always keep an optimistic mood, smile on the street oners on the street, rejoice in life;

— Listen to him, and do not say it yourself, do not be intrusive, do not demand from him anymore than he can give.

True, everything is simple?

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