Waterproofing with liquid rubber

Liquid rubber is used for waterproofing: any concrete and metal structures, tanks and containers, boats, bridges, pools, basements, foundations and roofs. The rather responsible construction work includes the waterproofing device. It is extremely expensive to correct poor waterproofing, entailing significant losses. In accordance with this, the demand for reliable modern waterproofing technologies and materials is quite large.

One of the above technologies is seamless waterproofing with liquid rubber. A layer of polymer-biomatic mastic with a corn that is part has such a name. When spraying with a mechanized method of liquid composition of emulsion mastic, this waterproofing is performed. The resulting seamless coating has several fundamental advantages:

— In accordance with the qualities of liquid rubber, it is used in very important structures of mechanical engineering, construction and other areas of the economy, as well as in fairly responsible work underground;

— A carpet of waterproofing can be created on surfaces with any geometry;

— Exactly, neatly and quickly, spraying is done when using the machine.

Long-term operation without repair and inspections under the underground conditions of processed units and surfaces is available when spraying a bitumen-firing emulsion (with constant control) to protect containers, pools, pipelines, waterproofing foundations.

Small -quality waterproofing of the roof, made using seamless spraying technology, can withstand the high -quality waterproofing. Additional reliability of any base and any roofing carpet is given a seamless continuous structure.

In new construction, in reconstructions and repairs, seamless waterproofing and thermal insulation are indispensable, despite the fairly high cost, which exceeds the price of traditional protozoa coatings of this kind. Due to the unique qualities, the use of these modern technologies pays off many times.

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