About mobile and home Internet in America

The USA is the birthplace of the Internet — most of the equipment that ensures the smooth operation of the world wide web has always been manufactured and based in Silicon Valley.

Do you think that the Internet in the US should be fast and cheap? If you go to the websites of American providers, you can at least be surprised — the cost of Internet services in the states is much higher.

For a US resident, fixed Internet will cost about $ 40 per month, in addition, most providers increase the cost of services by about 50% from the second year of connection. Claimed speeds in most states are approaching 15 Mbps. There are budget providers like Verizon, but budget providers don’t work in all states.

Mobile Internet in the USA

One of the cheapest tariffs is Sim-10: the starter package will cost about $45, and the monthly fee will be about $50. For this money, 5 GB of traffic, LTE, unlimited calls within America are offered.

Home Internet in the USA

Most providers in the US offer additional services such as interactive and cable television, but such services increase the cost of a subscription fee to about $120. They offer Internet services in the states aggressively — without a makeweight, only low-speed tariffs. Additional services are sold much more insistently than cablemen do in Russia. Free Wi-Fi access points are enough — they are available in almost all restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, train stations, airports, hotels.

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