Air conditioners and their varieties

In hot summer weather, it is very difficult to do without air conditioning, but what are the varieties of this useful unit?

The simplest type of household air conditioners are window air conditioners. They can be installed both in the window opening and in the wall, designed both for pumping cold air, and for cold and warm. The disadvantage of this model can be called a very loud noise.

LG column air conditioners require a free floor installation, because, as can be seen from the name, they are made in the form of a column. These air conditioners are good for those cases when you can not touch the walls and ceilings.

To install the channel air conditioner, you must first install the supply and exhaust ventilation, the installation of which is usually carried out in the ceiling or behind a false-hood. Canal air conditioners are mainly used for cottages or apartments with large rooms.

The channel system, unlike other systems, is able to fully ventilate the air in the room, and chilled air through pipelines is delivered to the most remote corners of the apartment. In addition, in such an air conditioner, air filters, getting rid of dust and bacteria, and with the help of such an unit, air ionization is possible.

Split air conditioners are separate blocks, there may be only two, and maybe much more. The most noisy cooling processes occur in the external block, which is attached on the street. Split blocks are connected using copper tubes in which the freon (gas) circulates — several internal ones can be connected to the external unit.

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