Choose a mixer.

A large number of mixers are currently represented in the plumbing market, which are distinguished by material, price, shape and design.

In general, all mixers are divided into two groups:

— single -leaf mixers;

-The mixers are two -wound.

In one-leaf mixers, the pressure of water is adjustable by pressing the lever up and down, the water temperature is regulated by turning the lever to the right and left. Oblings with one lever, the most popular type of mixers at present. Their main advantage is convenient adjustment, which allows you to reduce or increase the pressure of water without changing its temperature.

When choosing a single -leaf mixer, it is necessary to pay attention to the catrique installed inside. It is ceramic or brass.

A hollow ball was inserted into the brass catrique, most often made of stainless steel. When turning the chipper handle, the ball rotates and the ball. He has three holes, in two of which cold and hot water enters, and mixed water from the third is the required temperature.

This type of catrics is not recommended for use in rooms where a large amount of chlorine is present in the water. After a certain service time, the rubberized plastic gasket usually fails, about which water dripping from the tap will indicate.

When choosing a ball mixer, it should be borne in mind that they do not tolerate the presence of solid particles and dissolved salts in the water, which can score a ball module, from which it will be difficult to turn. The ball mixer will serve for a long time if a filter is installed in the house for water purification.

As for the ceramic catrics, its main elements are two plates. They are usually made from aluminum oxide. In one of the plates there is one large hole and two identical. Hot and cold water enters the same holes, and mixed flows from a large hole. Such a catrics has only one drawback. It is not subject to repair, as it is non -graceful. With a breakdown of the mixer, it will be necessary to install a new. But, despite this, ceramic catrics are reliable in operation.

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