Drawings on nails at home

If you want to boast of beautiful nails with an interesting pattern, then you can always contact a Neil-Art specialist. But often the fact is that there is no time to visit the salon or the financial opportunity.

The output will be drawings on nails at home, for their implementation you will need the smallest set of materials and tools, but a very rich fantasy.

Drawings on nails at home can even be drawn with a toothpick or hairpin, although if you plan to do this regularly and develop your skill, it is still better to purchase a special set of brushes of different thicknesses that are suitable for applying a variety of figures and lines.

Pay attention to the fact that everything comes with experience-at first your nails will decorate simple drawings on your nails, and then, you just want to want and act, you can find a variety of master classes on the Web or attend courses for nail art, most importantly- not to inactive, but constantly draw.

Before you start creating it, you need to prepare a “canvas” for creativity — paint the nails in 2 layers with varnish of the selected color (of course, by this time it is already necessary to think through the entire color scheme of the future masterpiece). It is best to start with neutral shades — it can be pink, white or beige. When you submit a little in this matter, you can draw on a bright coating or divide the nail plate into multi -colored parts.

On the dried base, you can draw the selected pattern — these can be flowers on the nails, geometric patterns or abstraction. If you want to draw with several colors, then you should always wait for the complete drying of the previous layer of varnish.

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