Features of built -in plumbing and its installation

In ordinary apartments, bathrooms are usually quite close. To make a bathroom more spacious helps, for example, flat plumbing (for example, a sink), as well as the placement of one item under another (for example, “washing” under the sink). Due to the change in the layout, this problem is also solved, but slightly.

To free up the space, you can install a built -in toilet tank. High -strength polyethylene is taken for the manufacture of such tanks. It is worth noting that the suspended toilet is equipped with a tank, which differs in design from the tank for the toilet of the floor. Installation of plumbing is not a simple business.

Since the main load is perceived by the toilet, the installed fasteners of a tank of this type is completely uncomplicated. The plastic case is mounted to the plates, which are attached to the wall with screws. Thanks to foam lining, sound insulation and protection against excess condensate are ensured. The pipes are taken from the tank down to the suspended toilet. Upon completion of the installation, the drain button is mounted on the wall.

Depending on the method of fastening, the design of the tanks for such toilets, there are two types. Building into a concrete or brick wall involves the use of a mounting frame with a tank built -in in its structure. The lower part of this wall is certainly made of brick, and then closed with drywall sheets. Installation of the most suspended toilet is carried out so that it is located on the pins sticking out of the wall of the frame.

In the second method, the mounting frame rests on the floor. The fastening of the frame to the wall and at the same time to the floor allows you to use this design for walls of any type, including plasterboard. Otherwise, everything is similar to the previous option.

There is no doubt about the strength of the suspended plumbing. The design of the mounting frame is designed to withstand a 400-kilogram load, due to which the weight of the weight will not cause failure of built-in plumbing equipment. Breakage can happen more likely in the drain system. However, the design features make it possible to easily eliminate the breakdown. Removing the canister from the wall is carried out through a hole intended for the drain button, and for this you do not need to resort to the dismantling of the wall.

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