How to find out the cadastral value of the object

The cadastral value is the value of the land entered in the state register (cadastre). This calculated value is determined by special independent bodies, which, for the hire of local or regional leaders, are reassessing real estate over 3-5 years. The results of the assessment are transmitted to authorized persons in municipal and regional departments, after which they certify the data and transfer them to the Federal State Budgetary Institution “FKP Rosreestra” to be entered by the State Real Estate Cadastre (GKN).

How to find out the cost of the object?

To clarify the value of the estimated object from the GKN list, you can contact the services of the Federal Service Rosreestr or to a lawyer on the site . Depending on the goals of using the information and the status of the subcode requiring the cadastral value (individual or legal entity), a few ways to obtain it is determined.

All of the listed methods involve the appeal to the Rosreestr website, t. to. This is a federal instance that provides actual in the Russian Federation information on the cadastral value.

In the section «Public map of the cadasters»

In the tab «Reference Online-data»

Directly from the base of the cadastral government

In the section «Receiving information from the GKN»

In any branch of the Federal Chamber of Rosreestr

The first 3 methods suggest an appeal to publicly accessible reference information, the receipt of which is a meager amount of time. In the corresponding section of the site, using the card or indicating the cadastral number or address of the desired object, you are very likely to find the desired information. However, such information has no legal weight and cannot be used in the documents.

If you need a legally certified document, you need to refer to the fourth or fifth way. The latter implies direct appeal to the Rosreestr office: either a personal visit, or a letter with a request and filled with a questionnaire about a particular site. All detailed information about profiles can be obtained on the Rosreestr portal. As a rule, applications are processed within five working days from the date of departure. During this period, you will receive all certified documents in your hands in person or by mail.

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