Features of the construction of frame houses

To date, frame houses are quite popular among developers. And there is nothing surprising here. Such structures are of good quality and durability. In addition, the construction of such a house is a task to cope with which you can even on their own, without involving professional builders.


The key to the durability of this structure is a high -quality foundation. Increased attention should be paid to its waterproofing. Given the small weight of the structure, you can do without a cast base. It is enough to use asbestos pipes.

Work begins with the marking of the site. On the perimeter, it is necessary to note the points of the supports (at a distance of about 65-95 centimeters). Given the marking, a hole is dug up, the diameter of which is 20 centimeters. It will correspond to the diameter of the pipes used.

The foundation is poured with concrete. To create a solution, it is recommended to use the following materials:

Crushed stone.


Cement (brand — 500).

After filling the supports, you need to give several days. This will allow them to get stronger normally.


Work begins with the formation of the base floor. It must be made of wood. It is advisable to use the same material for creating sex and walls.

The flooring will become the basis of the structure. It will be hidden from the eye. Thus, you can even use a rash board. Later lags are mounted, on which the final floor is attached. For more efficient insulation of the structure, it is recommended to use mineral wool. This material is not non -combustible. This makes it good material in terms of fire safety.

Boards are used to form a finished floor, the cross section of which is 5 by 15 centimeters. They are compacted with brackets and attached to the lags. It is important to use products made of well -dried and out of place for these purposes. Otherwise, there is a possibility of numerous cracks.

The prepared floor must be impregnated with olifa. When it dries, it can be painted, and then treated with varnish. In the future, high -quality carpet or linoleum can be laid on the finished floor. Here the owners can be repelled exclusively from personal preferences and financial capabilities.

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