Features of the fireplace cladding with marble

When planning a fireplace, most users prefer Reiel-Stone natural stone. The most popular option is marble. And there is nothing surprising here, because this material has many positive qualities.


Attractive appearance. Marble finishes are deservedly considered one of the most beautiful and exquisite.

Safety. The material during operation does not distinguish any substances that are dangerous to human life and health.

Durability and strength. Marble is able to withstand increased loads, periodic changes in air temperatures, humidity, etc. P.

The ability to give the material the desired shape, which adds a maximum of opportunities for the implementation of original ideas in the decor.


It is on high -quality preparation that the appearance of the decorated fireplace, as well as its durability, will depend on. This work consists of such stages:

Cleaning the plane from the old coating.

Performing the deepening of the seams. It is important to make a good solution here. He is obliged to combine the material with the basis as qualitatively as possible.

Attaching the reinforcing mesh. This provides maximum reliability of the connection. Scrolls are twisted into the seam or nails are clogged. The mesh is further attached, the washers are exhibited (they do not allow it to jump off).


As for the cladding itself, there are several popular ways to consolidate the stone itself. First, marble is attached directly to the brick. Secondly, marble elements can be combined with each other, respectively, interaction with masonry will be limited.

Each of the presented methods has certain advantages and disadvantages. That is why many experts recommend performing cladding using each of these methods at the same time. The first ways are the lower decoration, and the top is decorated according to the second. The presence of a grid guarantees a high -quality and durable connection. As for the small elements of the stone, they can be placed in slightly invalid places.

It is recommended to start grouting the seams no earlier than 2-3 days after completion of finishing work. It is advisable to start applying the material to extreme stones. This will understand how ready for this work.

Photo of a fireplace lining with marble

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