Features of using OSB stamps

OSB pins are a relatively new building material that is actively gaining popularity among developers. It is considered an excellent analogue of chipboard and faner. To date, the scope of the use of this material is an impressive. It is often used in frame construction, in the process of insulation of ordinary residential buildings and. In addition, these plates are suitable for the formation and leveling of floor surfaces.

The main varieties

OSP plates in Nizhny Novgorod consist of separate layers of glued and compressed wooden chips. Its gluing is carried out in three layers. In the outer layers, it is mounted throughout the length, and from the inside — perpendicular. Such a structure guarantees the material maximum strength, provides the opportunity to keep the fasteners well.

In modern construction, such varieties of OSB are used:

OSB-2. The material has a minimum level of moisture resistance. It should be used exclusively for internal work. It is important that the room is not wet.

OSB-3. This building material is considered universal. He is able to withstand high humidity. It is used for internal and external works. The advantages of this material include an impressive margin of strength, which explains its ubiquitous use and popularity.

OSB-4. Such plates are characterized by increased strength and stability in relation to moisture. They are used to create supporting structures.

Main functions

To date, this building material is used for such purposes:

Surface leveling. Laying such slabs on a concrete or wooden base provides an opportunity to get a perfectly flat surface ready for finishing.

Thermal insulation of the flooring. These plates are almost completely consisted of natural wood, characterized by excellent thermal insulation qualities. Thus, the floor from this material will not allow the heat to disappear from the house.

Noise insulation. The unique structure of the material, which provides for the presence of several layers, effectively absorbs the noise.

Formation of a high -quality floor surface. Often, plates are used to obtain reliable black floor.

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