Food culture and traditional food in Alabama

Vegans are the engine of progress here. Thanks to them, even in non-specialized stores, 8 types of onions and 20 types of greens are sold (beet tops and mustard grass, for example).

I recently found «vegan eggs» from grass-fed chickens because vegans don’t eat meat, milk, or eggs. There are also many allergy sufferers to peanuts and gluten, so the packages are labeled: Gluten free, contains peanut. My son’s school is not allowed to bring food with peanut butter or peanuts.

Cheese. I will tell about it separately. No subtleties of taste, aroma, color, crust, mold exist for the American consumer and the cuisine of the US South. The main quality of cheese is one — fusibility.

The main quality of good cheese in the South is melting
Any food is good if it is covered with a layer of stretching, slightly singed rind of melted cheese. The crust should be like cognac — three fingers thick.

How to save money on food. There are many ways. Every grocery store has flyers for current sales and promotions. Promotions can be found on the website, where you can place an order. You can pick up purchases at any store in the network.

There are some very implausible ways. For example, Walmart practices the policy of the lowest prices. You can take a pack of cookies, show the cashier a photo of the same pack from another store, but at a lower price, and pay at the price of a competitor. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Most retailers produce goods under their own brand. For example, at Walmart, these are Sam’s Choice products, Great Value and Ikveit household chemicals — vitamins, supplements. With zero marketing costs and guaranteed shelf space, the product is typically priced well below competitive products. Plus, retail has full sales statistics for products and launches the most popular categories into production.

All goods in large supermarkets are of high quality, such networks carefully choose suppliers. Often the price is per ounce or pound of product.

Well-known brands like Oreo, Starbucks or Danone will never be discounted because they are consistently in high demand. By the way, the name «Danone» was Americanized in the States, so here it is written not Danone, but Dannon.

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