How much is Apple it is fashionable

Good afternoon friends, now we will try to figure out why all the girls are on the question: “What phone do you buy?», Begin to shout together -» iPhone «. Is it in fashion, or is it really not competition. But let’s all in order.

We all know, or maybe some of us also watched a film about the great founder of this company Steve Jobs. No one will argue — this is a great person, but the fact that he created never claimed the championship in technical terms. The fact is that the very first PCs that were sold under this brand were technically weaker than their competitors. It is for this reason that the main bet was made by Steve and his friend, who also participated in the creation of this brand, in the simplicity of the operating system. At that time, it was difficult to call the operating system, but the logic is that a person could, without delving into technical details, to sit down for a PC and attended their plan. And it worked. People fell in love with this technique, especially in their homeland — there was always a demand for Apple.

What we see today, among the phones — iPhones, if the iPhone is quickly discharged read this article, stand out against the background of other phones. But what? There are phones that are stronger in technical parameters, and the assembly quality is much better, for example, the screen of the new LG has a much better screen, and its camera was better than that of the iPhone. Perhaps his operating room is so good. I can safely tell you — I used both the Android and the Ayosu go to go both and there. So that is not the point, the point is exclusively in the brand. All the same, Apple is fashionable. It was for this reason that in the article I indicated that girls are mainly plowed from this phone.

And I would have extra mani in my pocket, I would also not mind fashionable;)

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