Installation of a circulation pump

When installing heating in one -story houses of simple architecture, installing a circulation pump is not needed. Here the coolant moves through the system independently due to the difference in the pressure of cold and hot fluid. But in two -story or one -story houses of a complex structure, a circulation pump is simply necessary.

There are also situations when near the exit from the boiler the temperature of the pipes is quite high, and in the remote rooms of the battery is cold. The circulation pump will also help to fix it.

The installation of the pump will make the heating system much more functional:

Eliminate sharp temperature changes in the system;

Will increase the length of the circuit at the same temperature of the coolant;

Exclude air traffic jams that reduce the speed of circulation and violate the thermal regime.

Choosing a pump today is not difficult, the market offers a large number of different units. But there are rules that should be followed when choosing. Firstly, you need to understand that you should not chase a too powerful pump that will distill a large amount of coolant per minute. The fluid current according to the system should be smooth, and the pump itself is not noisy, otherwise it will be very annoyed by the sound of work. There is a dependence of the pump power on the fluid it driven away. So 30 kW pump will drive out 30 liters of liquid per minute through itself. When installing the pump in a complex architectural house, you should contact specialists who will correctly calculate the required power and other parameters of the unit.

When installing the pump, you should adhere to such rules:

At the entrance and output of the unit, cranes must be installed that will prevent the coolant output in case of need for dismantling the pump.

It is necessary to install a filter at the entrance, which will not give dirt and garbage from the system to damage the pump and bring it into an ineffective state.

After the tap, you need to install a high -pressure valve, which will display excess pressure in the system.

All compounds are made by sealant to exclude possible leaks.

The effect of the installation of the circulation pump is noticeable almost immediately. Improving the heating of the premises, fuel saving, quick access to the operating mode after starting.

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