Ba Doll style. «Dolls» is in fashion again

Ba Doll is translated from English as a “lace doll”, and in fashion language is a style of clothing that allows girls to look like charming dolls. The fragile seductive babies came into fashion thanks to the star of Hollywood Carroll Baker, who played the young beauty in the film «Doll» ascending in the fifties of the twentieth years.

After the film was released, the actress, who played the main role, became a sex symbol, and the young Americans hurried into shops for night shirts a la «Baby dolla», similar to those who wore a fatal seductor. Soon, the nightsoweds turned into home mini-dress, and after a while the Baby dollars also appeared on the street.

The Ba Doll style was held in high esteem in the 60-70s, but still relevant and still. Interest in vintage clothing models and a rampant retro have revived puppet silhouettes. The true spirit of style — a mixture of cute femininity, bright sexuality and young charm — embodied in modern fabrics and elements of decoration.

By the way, the current fashionistas have a much greater “arsenal of seduction”: after all, in addition to fashionable clothing, they have at their disposal such procedures as building hair and eyelashes, or nail extension with acrylic, as well as various types of anti -aging procedures.

What are glamorous pupae now wear?

At the peak of mini-dress modes, short tops combined with jeans or leggings, bright fabrics with flowers and catching prints. The role of decorative decoration is played by bows, ruffles, ribbons and lacing. The neckline can be either barely noticeable and very frank. Both the sleeves are not forgotten.

Baby-dollar style. Suitable for tinejeen girls and young ladies of fragile physique. In this appearance, I still want to use all the tricks of female seduction!

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