Needlework for the kitchen

Despite the fact that in stores today many gizmos are sold, which can decorate the interior of your kitchen, yet needlework for the kitchen will be more interesting and original. What decor elements can be done yourself? Yes any! Starting with pretty tacks and ending with embroidered tablecloths and curtains. Having done one thing, you simply cannot resist, constantly mastering something new.

For beginner needlewomen, it is better to start with tacks and napkins. They can be sewn from shreds of dense fabric or tied. You can also use embroidery and macrames. The easiest and most affordable way to create various little things for the kitchen is patchwork. What is a patchwork, we think, you already know, because he has recently become very popular. In addition to the fact that it allows you to «use» old things and unnecessary shreds, with its help the kitchen becomes much more beautiful and comfortable.

In addition to napkins and tacks, you can make various “hats” for eggs, boxes for cutlery, caps for cups and kettle, funny men, dolls, etc. D. You can hang a clock in a frame decorated with various cereals on the walls, an embroidered towel or thematic pictures and collages (a cat with a sausage, a cup of coffee, etc. D.).

For flowers, you can make cute pots by decorating them with the help of decoupage technology or wrapping with beautiful threads. Well, chairs and floor can be “insulated” with knitted rugs.

As you can see, needlework with your own hands for the kitchen is very diverse. Decorating the room handmade products, we create a warm and home environment in it, and not all purchased things can do it.

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