Production of aerated concrete.

A little about aerated concrete.

The production of aerated concrete, so often used today for the construction of residential and office buildings — this is a complex technological process that requires accuracy, feasible only in the factory. With the desired pressure and strictly constant temperature in the prescription mixture of sand, cement, lime and water, aluminum powder is added, which is a gas former. As a result, a chemical reaction occurs with the release of gas, as a result of which the volume of the mixture increases several times. The structure of the resulting aerated concrete is cellular — this fact gives the material unique properties. In the production of aerated concrete, accuracy is of great importance, which should be observed at all stages of its manufacture.

The technological process can be divided into the following operations:

one. Preparation of raw materials — sand is usually made up with the required amount of water.

2. Adding astringent components and subsequent thorough mixing of the mixture.

3. The resulting semi -liquid substance is poured into a prepared form for passing the process of formation of pores, after which aluminum powder is added to it.

four. Vimitation and hardening to the stage of allowance of allowances.

5. Cutting aerated concrete. The array blooms to the elements with the desired parameters using the controlled electronics of the machine. This guarantees the output of aerated concrete blocks of the correct shape with high precision sizes.

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing complicated in this process, but a deviation from technology or a decrease in exposure time can irreversibly spoil the product.

The production of gas concrete blocks is sometimes compared with baking bread, only the dough in this case is kneaded from ground quartz sand, lime, cement and water. Then, at the last stage, “baking powder” is added — aluminum powder. To get light and magnificent loaf-blocks, it should «brew» well. The final stage — “baking”, consists in autoclave exposure at the right pressure and temperature. Only by observing all these conditions you can get high -quality aerated concrete blocks.

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