Real estate in Turkey: investment benefits and important points

Investing in real estate abroad promises significant dividends. Türkiye is considered one of the most attractive countries for investors. It’s easy to find real estate in Turkey for sale. Foreign investors are interested in the property because it lets to get a residence permit in Turkey, and citizenship if this country in the future. According to the practice, the property value is increasing by 100% per year. There is not a single country in Europe with such a high investment yield, so investors are actively buying up real estate in Turkey.

Best Cities To Buy Property In Turkey

There are several cities in Turkey that are particularly popular with foreign investors. That is so due to the developed infrastructure, tourism is well developed too. You could find a variant in compliance with your financial features.

1. Istanbul is a big city that has a developed infrastructure. It’s possible to purchase objects during the construction too to save some money. There are luxury and economy class districts. It’s better to ask for your forwarder about districts to choose the best one to buy property.

2. Antalya is a coastal city located on the Mediterranean Sea. You will find here different villas and apartments. It will be easy to rent it if you are not going to move to Antalya. Moreover, you can purchase one or several suits in a new hotel to get a stable income.

3. Alanya is another popular tourist city. There are many variants of property and its price is always growing.

4. Izmir is a cosmopolitan city located on the Aegean coast. There are many villas, apartments, and townhouses.

5. Bodrum is a popular coastal city located on the Aegean Sea. It has a developed infrastructure that’s why you could easily rent the house to get the additional income.

6. Mersin is also rather popular. The city is small but is actively growing. You can purchase rather cheap property. Its price is increasing by 70% per year.

7. Bursa is a historic city located in northwestern Turkey. It is known for its beautiful mosques, thermal baths, and stunning natural scenery.

So, if you are going to purchase real estate in Turkey, it is better to focus on the cities.

7 Reasons To Contact Stay Property Developer

If you are going to purchase real estate in Turkey, it is better to contact Stay Property company. These are the reasons for it:

1. The company is reliable and has been working on the market for a long time.

2. Economy and premium class real estate options are offered in the most popular cities among foreign investors.

3. You can save money, as the cost is lower at the construction stage by up to 50%.

4. The developer can offer installments.

5. Specialists are ready to help in getting a mortgage in one of the banks in Turkey.

6. The new villas and apartments fully comply with the current national standards.

7. Guarantee the security of the transaction and the provision of additional services after its completion upon request.

Just contact a specialist to get more information. He is ready to help you in searching for the property of your dreams.

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