Screw compressor for the enterprise, subtleties of choice

New technologies made it possible to develop a compact screw compressor, which allows you to produce a large amount of compressed air, while spending several times less energy compared to samples of a decade ago.

The principle of operation of the compressor is quite simple. The device enters the device where it is mixed with butter, after which, under pressure, is pumped into the air system. With the help of a separator from compressed air, oil is removed, after which the air is cooled in a radiator. There are no reciprocating movements in the compressor, so the elements of the device are not erased, which means that it will serve you for a very long time.

Advantages of a screw compressor

You can install a screw compressor directly in the room in which work will be carried out, respectively, the loss of compressed air will be minimal. The cost of electricity is saved.

The compressor does not need installation, since it is a figurative. Its capacity is several times higher than that of compressor stations of the past. Such devices can compress about 8 cubic meters of air in minutes, it is possible to connect more than a dozen tools at the same time.

A large number of programs are built into the installation, so you can configure it for a week in advance, after which the compressor will give the compressed air the portions you need, at a given time.

Thanks to a special building with sound insulation, the screw compressor can be in the construction room, as it complies with all production standards.


With the direct acquisition of the compressor, pay attention not only to the correct paperwork, but also to the availability:

Self -diagnosis and cooling systems. Without these elements that may not be in a standard factory assembly, you will have to call the master much more often.

Emergency shutdown program. Without this, your screw compressor can burn under some force majeure circumstances, and the purchase of a new one will significantly hit the pocket of the company.

Do not forget that in addition to the price for the compressor itself, you will have to spend money on installation and connection.

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