Sisson haircut

Fashion trends in female and male hairstyles always move in a spiral, which is why confident steps in fashion again come into a haircut of Sisson, which over the past decade has taken strong leading positions in women of different ages.

Sisson haircut will look great on various types of hair: both on thick and thin. She is very simple and comfortable to care. It is enough just to wash your head and let your hair dry, or dry your hair with a hairdryer and laying is ready. The illusion of thick hair is created. The essence of such a haircut is that the length of the hair increases in the direction from the bangs to the back of the head.

The progenitor of the Sisson haircut was such haircuts as Bob and Kare. They were very popular in the 60s of the twentieth century. They gained their popularity thanks to Mirere Mathieu. She became a model for a famous stylist see Sasssun. He developed a new way to haircut «on his fingers». Before this revolutionary method, to make the basis of haircuts, hairdressers used a comb. The famous English hairdresser took nine years to create a new method. As a result, a magnificent “geometric” haircut has appeared, which bears the name of its creator.

If you want to choose a new expressive image for yourself, look through the magazines, use the Internet or specialized literature. Popular haircuts for short hair 2012 will pleasantly surprise fashionistas with their diversity. This season, short haircuts in the style of «retro» will be in fashion. Year 2012 you can safely be called the year «Kare lovers». However, the elegant styling «Kare» remain popular almost always.

The haircuts of the coming year are elegant and simple, like Sisson Haircut. The brainchild of Sassuna makes a woman’s hairstyle just magical!

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