Subtleties and features of education in Alabama

The education system is one of the most logical, practical and efficient structures I have ever seen in my life. Everyone has heard that Americans are incredibly stupid and cannot name the four cardinal directions.

Apparently, from excellent schools, students end up in monstrous colleges, where they turn into complete sheep, or maybe it’s only in Alabama that everything is so radiant and unique.

It is difficult for me to comment on the stereotypes and monologues of Zadornov, I see a superbly organized and working system that is very different from the Russian one for the better. I often visit the school and see how teachers communicate with children — respectfully, firmly and without lisping.

Five-year-olds complete projects once a month, and that’s not counting the daily math, spelling, and reading assignments. Students are explained not only natural phenomena, but also social concepts: what is racism, who is Martin Luther King, why social professions are needed and how to use money.

Five-year-old children are taught at school what racism is and how to use money
Once a month, children receive local school currency (the amount depends on academic performance) — you can buy sweets or toys for it at the school fair.

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