Tanette sandals — ideal for summer

The summer sandals on the wedge were conquered by thousands of female hearts with their beauty and comfort that they give to the legs. Let’s figure out what varieties of these fashionable sandals exist.

If you have caught up with the desire to buy sandals on a wedge, then you can buy them in China — it is on Chinese sites that you will find the richest selection of models and the most amazing colors of convenient summer shoes.

Boar on woven wedge

This is not the first season of a variety of weaving — this looks more interesting than a plain canvas, and creates an interesting texture. With the help of a wicker wedge, your image will emphasize in an instant, because this trendy part will immediately catch the eye of everyone around.

Booson on a cork wedge

The cork sole combines many amazing qualities that make it the subject of adoration of the fashionistas — it is light, wear -resistant and the foot practically does not feel it. The soft beige shade of traffic jams perfectly combines with various outfits, which is why such shoes can become a universal.

High -tank sandals

In such shoes, you will feel more comfortable than in hair sandals — a wedge is practically not felt when walking and sits quite conveniently on the leg. You can choose for yourself any model of sandals on a high wedge, which will be appropriate in the office and on a romantic date.

Low tanette sandals

Designers have developed beautiful shoe models on a low practical wedge for women who value walking speed and convenience.

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