Types of adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is an incredibly useful invention, which is used in almost any field. Its technological use is based on such a physical phenomenon as adhesion. This is a compound of heterogeneous solid or liquid particles on the area where their surfaces are in contact with each other. To date, there are many varieties of adhesive tape that differ in technical characteristics and the scope of use. Consider them in more detail.


The following types are considered the most common:


Double -sided.




The production of adhesive tape with the logo is used for machine and manual packaging of goods. It provides an opportunity to significantly accelerate the process of packaging in production. This material is characterized by high quality, strength and reliability.

Maslar adhesive tape is a self -adhesive tape created on a paper basis. It is currently used in construction. The material is responsible for the protection of various surfaces during painting and plastering work. In addition, it is also used in the process of painting vehicles. A characteristic feature is that it sticks quite weakly, respectively, to remove it after completion of work is very easy. And no spots will remain after that.

Bilateral adhesive tape is created on different bases (paper, fabric, polypropylene). It is used in construction. With it, glue linoleum, carpet, plastic curbs, mirrors, etc.

The main component of the reinforced variety is the basis of polyvinyl chloride. It is reinforced with fabric fibers. This material is considered completely waterproof. This provides an opportunity to use it in order to seal the cracks, seams, as well as joints of pipes. In addition, this material is suitable for closing the container and protecting products from moisture.

As for the aluminum variety, it is a foil with a slight layer of adhesive composition. Often, such adhesive tape is used in construction. It is favorably distinguished by heat resistance and durability. In addition, the presented material guarantees excellent thermal insulation of all kinds of surfaces.

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